Ballyduff Bridge Beat 1 and 2

This beat is split into 2 or can be booked as one for large groups. There is a vast number of fly runs, running into some deep holding pools the beat runs for 1.5 miles and is great for fresh running salmon.



One of the best streaches of water around for holding salmon, this beat is more suitable for spinning and various bait methods but the fly can very successful in various parts.


A short but very effective beat with a beautiful fly run running into a holding pool at the end of the beat.


This beat runs for just over 1 mile, with some of the most picturesque surroundings on the Blackwater. A heaven for the fly angler but some great spinning pools within the beat also.


Another fly fishers heaven, running at a mile long it has fantastic fly runs throughout the beat, it is our upper beat situated only a few miles from Mallow town, giving us a great advantage to follow the salmon upstream.